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About Company
Ideal Investment Corporation formed and registered having its corporate office at Vita, District Sangli, Office spacing around 1500 sq. ft, with well furnished and hi-tech support system and exclusively trained office staff. The company is managed by team of well experieced experts in different fields of Marketing, Finance, Management & Engineering with the experience of more than 20 years. Along with their Research & Development (R & D) team company is strongly & actively working in many areas.

M/s. Ideal Investment Corporation has started the process of developing a network of information and communication technology-powered Ideal E- Service Centers in all over Maharashtra. The company has been mandated to set up 5,000 such centers that will offer a host of various types of online services at nominal charges. The Ideal E- Service Centre will be a one-stop shop for various types of government and Private Online Services.

There will be a Ideal E- Service Centre for every village in all districts which will offer basic government services such as Pan Card, Passport, Visa, Employment Card, Income Tax Return filing, etc. The company will also provides various services such as Insurance, Banking, Hotel/ Travel/ Railway/ Flight booking, Online Recharge system for Mobiles and DTH services and distribute all information about various government Licenses and 7/12, Property Card.

The concept is very relevant for the rural youth as it offers a self-employment opportunity that will lead to a monthly net income of up to Rs. 25,000/- he elaborated. “Apart from the government-related services, the person running the centre can offer value added services such as Online Jobs, Admission, Results, farm advice and telemedicine.”A person who is educated up to the 10th standard level, has a space of about 100 sq ft and wants to be self employed can run a Ideal E- Service Centre.

Our Business
Real Estate
Construction & Development
Hotel Management & Hospitality
Tourism Industry
Insurance Sector ( Life & General )
Training & Educational Courses
Management Services
A never ending task that inspires to attain the success of new Horizons.